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Tac-vest Pouch Adapter

Tac-vest Pouch Adapter

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The Macabre TPA (Tac-vest Pouch Adapter) is a simple way to take the issued C9 or canteen pouch from your tac-vest and use it with a MOLLE/PALS chest rig. 

This is the perfect way to transition over to a non-issued chest rig while saving significant costs on new pouches.

Sold individually. Please purchase 1 piece for each pouch you wish to adapt to MOLLE/PALS.


The TPA up 4 columns of PALS/MOLLE. It has a Velcro loop face which accepts the hook side of the issued pouches.


1. Attach the TPA to the MOLLE/TAPS field.

2. Align the 4 velcro webbing tabs from pouch with the Triglide's on the TPA, firmly press together the velcro surfaces.

3. Weave the velcro webbing tabs through the Triglide's from back to front and velcro back in place. 


Only available in Ranger Green.

Built using US made, Berry compliant materials. Hardware is ITW Nexus.

Proudly Made In Canada.


All materials are sourced and made in the USA or Canada. Everything that can be is Mil-Spec and Berry Compliant.

Proudly made in Canada.

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A rhodesian style chest rig for when you need to carry more than just a microrig but dont want a vest covered in PALS webbing you dont use. Run the FFCR as a stand alone chest rig, or clip it to a plate carrier.