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Elastic Insert - Triple 556

Elastic Insert - Triple 556

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Elastic insert for three 5.56 AR magazines. Also known as M4, Stanag or C7 magazines.


The elastic insert is designed to be used with the Macabre Placard or other similar products. The insert is faced with hook velcro on both sides, so must be used with loop velcro lined products. 

Features webbing loops for use with the Shock Cord Retention Kit, which is sold separately. Simply flip the insert upside down if you don't want to use the retention loops.


Built using US made polyester elastic, mil-spec velcro and nylon webbing.

Proudly Made In Canada.


9" w X 3" h


All materials are sourced and made in the USA or Canada. Everything that can be is Mil-Spec and Berry Compliant.

Proudly made in Canada.

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A rhodesian style chest rig for when you need to carry more than just a microrig but dont want a vest covered in PALS webbing you dont use. Run the FFCR as a stand alone chest rig, or clip it to a plate carrier.