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Padded Harness

Padded Harness

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The Macabre Padded Harness is an "H" style harness designed to carry the load of the FFCR, the P1 Placard or other commonly available chest rigs.


The Padded Harness features 1/4" closed cell foam only in the shoulder area, adding a bit of cushion without extra bulk. It also features a laminate PALS column on each side, allowing for the attachment of pouches, PTTs or other items.

*** The Harness must be paired with a back strap to complete a chest rig with both the FFCR and the P1 Placard. ***


Built using US made, Berry compliant materials (except in the case of Temperate Woodland). The Harness is constructed of primarily 500d Cordura and Squadron laminate. Webbing is 17337 Nylon and buckles are ITW Nexus.

Proudly Made In Canada.


All materials are sourced and made in the USA or Canada. Everything that can be is Mil-Spec and Berry Compliant.

Proudly made in Canada.

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A rhodesian style chest rig for when you need to carry more than just a microrig but dont want a vest covered in PALS webbing you dont use. Run the FFCR as a stand alone chest rig, or clip it to a plate carrier.